January 26, 2012

Inspiration in Life


My entire life I have been INSPIRED. Everyone in my life has affect me some how. Everyone put together made me want to inspire others. I want to show others that they can follow there dreams. This is a little video on different quotes that can inspire you.

If the video inspired you and you want to follow your dreams read this article it will help you!
Thing They Don't Tell you

Whatever you deside to do in your life make sure you follow YOUR dreams and no one elses. Do what will make you happy.

Erin Edwards


  1. The video brought tears to my eyes ~ so very, very true. Thanks for the inspiration to live each day and be grateful for it :)

  2. I liked the video, there was some great information in there, like the stuff about smiling--that was my favorite. I also liked the music in the background, it was captivating!