February 7, 2012

Why the big shifts?

While I was reading chapter one in the book Personal Learning Networks, I came a crossed the line “No question, we are living at a time of unprecedented change, and the wed is driving much of it.” When I read this I stop to think, is this really what today is about. Our time is change fast with all the new technology coming out. How are we going to keep up with the technology? Children are using more and more technology at younger ages. What all are we going to change? Will it be the way we are teaching, living, or as simple as communication?

Today we have already seen how the technology is changing the way we teach/learn. In Chapter one under The Big Shifts, paragraph 4, it say that we no longer need to sit behind a desk to do work. It also says that in the near future we will only need our phones to accomplish what we need. Already in schools they use computers for research or projects. What is going to be next? All classes online.

If you are older you can see the change from when you were a kid to now. Things have changed fast just within ten years. Most of us couldn’t even live without technology anymore. How far will it go? Will it make us all fat because we won’t have to move to do anything or will it help the earth? Two very different things that it could lead to.

Communication has changed a lot. Now we can talk to someone half way a crossed the earth. You can contact anyone in seconds. So is this going to get even better? Maybe even faster.

Technology is changing everyone’s life fast and it is just going to keep changing. But why change so fast. Will it be better for us changing so fast? If we could live back when there was no technology, what is the rush of changing everything? Like analog to digital or generic to personal. Why move so fast? For me I think taking it slow to get use to it and to push things.


  1. That is so right the big shifts will be a huge part of the future

  2. I agree with you - we lived for a really long time without much technology at all - and now everything is changing at the speed of light. Time to slow down and take a deep breath!

  3. That quote also stood out to me, it's very clear that technology is a driving force behind much of the change going on now

  4. i have to say that technology has changed alot over time

  5. I think it's crazy how quickly we can connect with someone across the world!!!

  6. Things really have change significantly since we were kids! It is crazy to think how much more will change very soon in the classroom.